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nike air max 1 One writer said that wheat is a crop suffered a lot . I very much agree with this , because wheat seen rain, snow, frost, seen Chunhua , sun .

So, by the winter wheat crop is .

I think that wheat is a epic life .

Accompanied akishimo wheat planted after dew soaked in everything emptying of the season, but she lives alone, wiping the green solitude in the open field , to become farmers in the winter poem . Therefore, nike air max 1 the wheat is CONTRADICTION life. Still did not stop in the winter trek of life, in the interpretation of the snow under a winter green myth, become an alternative life.

In the chill of early spring , early spring turns warm again , reviving the first to pass out information Barley life . A spring rain , a few isolated spring , went cornfield , seems to be able to hear the voice of jointing : snapping , crackling ...... so that people could not help but curled a winter emotionally , vascular Bizhang .

I am a seed feeder , nike air max 1 go there ten thousand positions ; Yi I trace rain , ecstasy can grow . Wheat farmers seem to be eager to return to pick Qinghuang .

Therefore, the wheat crop is a gratitude .

Wheat flowering , the fields will be fumigated with the fragrance of a Big Mac . Fresh and lingering , like melting into a thousand years of good mash , thick but not drunk , refreshing - this is wheat flower fragrance. However , have you seen the wheat flowers do ? Even Jimmy Tianru Hai , also a trace of scratches sight , so people rarely remember the chant like wheat , and set their sights on those who blatantly flowers : canola flower gorgeous extravagance, peach hypocritical charming ......

Wheat flower that is real, that real flowers, flower real one. In order to mature, she even beautiful also omitted .

However nike air max 1 , you do not have Tanwan sad , because it has a life most dense in the final vent out . You see , it is as bright as sunshine Al , such as Van Gogh 's Sunflowers as described by breathtaking golden , is the color of life . It is unassuming yet heavy, brilliant without significant flirtatious.

However , wheat is the end of the pole beautiful life !

Cuckoo , the Orioles called, May is the farmer's festival.

Farmers in the moonlight dip hanging from a year honing sickle , ground into a crescent moon and swayed to try the blade , the blade cut ordered moonlight , rustled off the floor .

At noon, Reaper who generally do not go home . Anson boundless nike air max 1 , kernels burst. Fiery sun shone , eager to return positions which accommodate wheat farmers wheezing, Reaper who had muttered words: " ! Fire Jimmy ah ."

Since then, the play is , threshing, drying , to close positions .

Woodpecker sounded the solitude of the woods , the sound of the ancient village of Chung also crashed into the sky, from the Millennium down, long, Miao Yuan . Now, although this is Chung replaced with modern and advanced machinery, became the museum 's suspension, but Chung sound through the ages but as I heart rhythm , the same frequency and jump.

Water will be made over the glistening yellow wheat into the mortar , in the bar of the landing Chung , Chung palm people solemn nike air max 1 , reserved . That's not a general sense of labor, but during an ancient and mysterious ritual .

So far, in many rural areas, still preserved on the new wheat grave customs. Before and after the summer solstice , new wheat under the field , into the position after the new wheat ground surface , choose the best white head over the surface made of pasta. Just pan with flour or bread dumplings came out of the new , to worship heaven and the dead man , said to eat a new food. In rural areas, only to eat a new food , be considered literally step into another year of life.

Yuet Wah water . Wheat as a thinker in the moonlight attunement stood in silence, one that stood through the ages , nike air max 1 is a silent years. Without using language , Ye Qing Yang wheat , wheat heads , and all are in the encounter between God and God .

I still came to understand : Everything has mental state , are among the wizard fields .

Again exposure to wheat fields , breath , breath , sudden, I feel rooted feet , arms stretch , she also became a strain of wheat between heaven and earth .